Solve Complex Business Challenges with Effective Technology Solutions

Steve Overton provides services across multiple domains including data management, risk assessment, reporting and analytics, platform architecture planning, and SAS enterprise solution implementations.  SAS enterprise solutions include SAS Anti-Money LaunderingSAS Fraud Framework, and SAS Visual Analytics

Risk Assessment and Analysis

Identify high risk dimensions within complex financial data including high risk products, demographics, transactionality, and geographics. Leverage the power of SAS to validate known risks and discover unknown risks.

Financial Crime Analytics

Increase the number of productive AML or fraud alerts. Provide intelligent scenarios to improve efficiency of investigators. Aggregate, score, and prioritize alerts and customers to reduce duplicate efforts and focus on what matters most.

Data Management

Everything starts and ends with the data. Deploy an enterprise data warehouse or a financial crime data mart to centralize mission critical information and strengthen data governance.

Enterprise SAS Solutions

Deploy best-of-breed security intelligence solutions from SAS Institute to combat financial crime with high-powered analytics and sound data management practices. Regulators know SAS technology and it's effectiveness at achieving a compliant AML transaction monitoring solution or fraud detection and alerting system.

Reporting and Data Visualization

Find ways to discover questions you should be asking about your data or present and visualize answers to known questions. Present visually compelling ways to analyze information and make better data-driven decisions based on facts.

Platform Architecture Planning

SAS platform architecture and ongoing administration is often the weakest link in any implementation. Steve Overton provides leadership and experienced direction for designing and maintaining SAS technology.